Art-installation in LEXUS STROBE advertising

Dec 02 2014

Lexus continues an advertising campaign called Amazing in Motion by its third brand film which is called Strobe, where a group of stuntmen, dressed in bespoke lighting suits, controlled with special software, walk along streets of Kuala-Lumpur.

Several tens of professional stuntmen, suspended by cables, choreographically line up a line of a stroll of one character through streets, parks and the most highest spots of Kuala-Lumpur. The suits of stuntmen were designed by a Hollywood’s designer Vin Burnham and technical director Adam Wright. There was also special programmed software to control lighting of lamps at a specific time as it planned according to a script.

Lexus teamed up more than 100 experts from such fields as design, technologies, engineering to bring the concept to life. The main challenge was to find a way to suspend stuntmen considering a choreographic line of the movement and equipment had to be safe. This was also a big challenge for professional stuntmen because to exactly keep a sequence and accuracy of movements stuntmen’s poses had to exactly be planned and holding motionless to keep smoothness of transition of the lighting effect from one stuntman to another one. The team of engineers from Thailand designed fit equipment and outfit to get the highly-ambitious task done. Before start of filming every detail had to be planned and trained. For this task there was a lot of time of training to get the choreographic composition going together well. Making of is below:

gallery-rigging-01 strobe-4 strobe-6 strobe-7

Article: 2014.

Author: Artem Tkachev